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What features do we want to see in a future DIRT Rally game?


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35 minutes ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

Whilst i agree with the forced 5 second waiting, the rest, i do not.  

Everything you listed only helps you as a single-minded time trial simulator, if that's all the game is to you, then so be it, nothing wrong with that, however changing things like the default answer on a confirmation dialogue box is literally going against accepted UI design and negating the fact there is a confirmation box there in the first place.

I think there are plenty of ways they could implement how smoothly a time trial goes for the user, i'm not sure your solutions are the best though.

Thanks for your insight. In Dirt3 confirmation was set to default to Yes, and worked fine. In 4 it changed to No by default. Mind you, I would expect that if you play on PC with proper keyboard this isn't an issue, Keyboards love navigating through menus.. A PS controller or similar is a lot more fiddly. All I ask is (if you have it) compare with WRC8. Just starting and restarting a time trial stage. Which one do you think gets you going quicker?

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The biggest change i want to see in dirt rally 2.0 or newer. WEll i actually stop playing DR2.0 because i bought triple screen. Player DR2.0 and anotoher sim game. DR2.0 did not support triples and the other game did. No i never play dr2 almost 😞 Triple support should be on the standard futures list of sim titles! Just like VR. And in VR dr is great!

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