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2015 Formula 1 Doritos Spanish Grand Prix


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I was honestly surprised at how commanding Nico was today, really solid victory! Maybe without the dodgy start and first pit stop it might have been closer, but it would have been very hard for Lewis to overtake him. And that now makes Rosberg the 9th different Spanish GP winner in 9 years!

It was a bit of a dull race though, with no real battle at the end with Lewis and/or Vettel and Nico. I had my head in my phone a lot of the time. Couple of good overtakes but again, kinda dull.

Couple of scary accidents in the pits though, especially the Alonso one. I was on my phone looking at Twitter and suddenly I hear Ted shouting that he's missed it!

Best commentary of the day has to come from Crofty, with 'well Ted, he's got some ice in an area that took quite a hefty blow'.

Best tweet of the day is from Sniff Petrol. When Button complained about sudden wheelspin with slight throttle application, they tweeted something like 'McLaren must be very confused, surely you need power to get wheelspin?'  

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