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PS4 - OFR - Saturday League Racing starting soon

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Online Formula Racing (OFR) is open to new drivers, with Pre-Season due to start on 8th February. All skill levels welcome! Currently running with 2 divisions, with both open to new comers. Each division has differing assist allowances, with D1 offering only a racing line, whilst D2 remains a little more relaxed. The basics across the 2 divisions are the same however, with 18 minutes Qualifying followed by a 50% race. Practice lobbies run throughout the week and are very relaxed, drop in and out as your time allows

Races are streamed and commentary provided to each event.

Drop by on Discord and have a look around! A welcoming group of racers and some competitive racing to be had. https://discord.gg/eNHq2M



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Have you got discord app???


If so, click the link and that will take you through to our league server.


Hope that helps,  any problems, let me know 

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