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Add Control to Service Park

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Please Codemasters, add control to all the cars in the Service park to be able to

  • Open / Close any door
  • Switch lights On / Off

at least, because you know there is no Photomod in Dirt Rally 2.0 yet.
It would be useful to make some nice screenshot about our cars. Now it is driven by random, and annoying to start a stage many times until  we got the desired car position...

It doesn't seem to be difficult to map some keyboard button to do this. We don't need model animations just On / OFF , Open / Close

Later (maybe DR 3.0) you should add option to

  • add or remove tents
  • change different weather/time at the given location at the service park
  • remove all the menu text (to leave the screen without them)

Thanks in advance!
ps. more similar ideas are welcome to write here!

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