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Private League Race completed but results not uploaded, Next Session is showing as the same race again

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Ran the first race in our private league season (Australia, 25%) last night. Race completed fine, watched the podium celebrations, reviewing the results screens, and then on Advance all the players got stuck on the "Connecting to Server" message. Left mine on for a good 15 minutes watching the spinning wheel, long after the others had given up, before force closing the game. On checking afterwards, the League Screen now indicates that the next session for us is the same race in Australia again, with no results showing in the Standings screen. Oddly though, a couple of us - myself included - do have our Race Highlights videos from the race in our Theatre, and that also clearly shows the race finishing successfully.

  1. Is there any way I can force a result through, or somehow skip the event entirely? Or are we destined to have to redo the race again?
  2. Is this connection issue possibly related to the post below? Similar setting in our Private League - On Demand races, Saves enabled, Reserves enabled. We also saved and exited the League after the Practice Session (30 mins) to allow a late arrival to join, but then did not save between Qualifying (Short) and the Race (25%). The only one who had a slightly different message at the end of the race after the results screen was the host - his screen hung with a "Waiting for Players" message, everyone else had the "Connecting to Server" message.


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