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Full 360 view service park.

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heres an odd one. I left the game runnning on service park with VR for half an hour or so, while I sorted some lunch. When I came back and put on the headset I was able to view the service area in full 360deg vr. Even got out of the rig and walked about a bit as far as the cable would let me anyhow. Does that mean somewhere in the game that this option exists? Instead of the small box 2D pancake view? The service menu was kind of embedded in the car and stayed there while I looked about. I clicked start and it took me to the start line in full VR I was able to look about the stage start while the car lined up until it changed to the incar view. 


I'll add that the headset was hanging up and couldn't be detected by the sensor as far as I can tell and that the binocular image on he desktop was showing ground instead of the off screen black which made me wonder what had happened until I picked up the headset and the image moved

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seems it's not just me who has experienced this happen.  Its been noted on the Steam forum also.  Come on PJ give us an answer on this one. If it's there but hidden  why can't we choose to have it as a feature?

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