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Good Cosworth run in Greece (video link): can these AI times be right?


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Here I am in the Ford Cosworth, winning a stage in Greece and very satisfying it was, too, but I was amazed to find myself the fastest by 6:49.054.  My time was 8:21.646 and the next fastest was 15:10.701.  Now, admittedly the AI was set to Clubman; I had been racing on Pro but wanted to get used to the sim against less pacey competition so I downgraded the AI and was amazed to find myself so far in front, as I have never done better than fourth against Pro AI.  Perhaps I am simply getting the hang of this style of driving (G27, manual gearbox, 14 bonus realism points) but I'd be interested to know what you all think, especially any visiting devs.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy this video of the winning run.

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