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Average at the game and want lots of Time Trial ghosts?

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It's fun to compete with people around your own level, but the daily events leave me feeling like a goldfish in the ocean.

The aim of this thread is to find players to add on Steam, that are around the same level as me so we can have some ghosts to race that don't just disappear after the third turn.

  • Didn't know about Time Trial ghosts? Click here for steps to using them.

So below you'll find a list of stages, each with a Qualifying Time and a window. The window is a limit on how big the initial gap can be between you and I, in the hopes of keeping the stage fun. The largest window is 15 seconds, but as a time gets harder to beat its window will get smaller.

If you can beat any stage's time without blazing past its window, I'd love to get your ghost. :)


  1. Beat any one of the Qualifying Times listed below by, at most, <window> seconds.
  2. Post in this thread to say which stage and time it was, and add me on Steam. (There's also a Steam thread if you prefer.)
  3. Also mention if you'd like me to put your name in the Players Open... section below.
  4. Once we're friended, compete as you wish! Feel free to bump the thread or PM me anytime you beat a ghost.


Stages and Qualifying Times

This is the current pool of stages to compete on, each with a Qualifying Time to beat, and a window.

Every unclaimed stage has at least 2 ghosts you can race from players in this group. Every claimed stage has at least 3. You can also turn any unclaimed stage into your own suggestion for a new stage; see the Bonus section below. :D

    La Merced - Wet - Rally GT    (claimed... pending mattshep69)
    2:52.418                                Window = 10 seconds

    San Isidro - Dry - H1    Added by Ochso    (unclaimed)
    2:52.418                                Window = 15 seconds

    Taylor Farm Sprint - Dry - R5
    4:00.817                                 Window = 15 seconds

    Rockton Plains - Dry - H2 (RWD)
    4.13.659                                Window = 10 seconds

    Gordolon - Courte montée - H2 (FWD)    Added by mattshep69    (unclaimed)
    4:09.367                                Window = 15 seconds

    Hancock Hill Sprint Forward - Dry - 2000cc
    3:24.230                                Window = 10 seconds

    Fuller Mountain Descent - Dry - R2
    3:09.425                                Window = 10 seconds

    Ocean Beach Sprint Forward - Dry - NR4/R4    (claimed... pending mattshep69)
    4:43.423                                Window = 10 seconds

    Jezioro Lukie - Dry - H2 (FWD)
    3:16.392                                Window = 10 seconds

    Lejno - Dry - Group A
    3:07.627                                Window = 10 seconds

    Viñedos Dardenyá - Dry - Group B (4WD)   (claimed ... pending Ochso)
    3:30.553                                Window = 15 seconds

    Älgsjön Sprint - Group B (4WD)    Added by lich0    (unclaimed)
    3:32.891                                Window = 15 seconds

    Bidno Moorland - Dry - R5
    3:15.968                                Window = 10 seconds

    Pant Mawr Reverse - Dry - Group A    Added by lich0    (unclaimed)
    3:19.926                                Window = 15 seconds

    Fferm Wynt - Dry - 2000cc    Added by mattshep69    (unclaimed)
    3:33.891                                Window = 15 seconds

Qualifying Times are updated as they improve, so if right now you're too fast to qualify maybe later you'll find that a window has shifted to include your own time.


Bonus: Add Your Own Stage!

To encourage more ghosts on more tracks, the first person to beat any Qualifying Time can suggest a new 4-split stage and class to be included in the pool. If it gets added, this rule will then also apply to that stage!

  1. Beat the Qualifying Time of any unclaimed stage while still finishing inside its window.
  2. Decide on a new stage and class you'd like to see added.
  3. Create a ghost for that stage if you don't already have one.
  4. Reply to this thread with the following info in a single post:
    - the unclaimed stage you're claiming
    - the name, class, surface, and your ghost time for the stage you're suggesting
  5. If I can finish within 15 seconds of your ghost, I will add that stage to the pool with my result as the Qualifying Time. If I can't, it won't be added but I will let you know and you can still suggest another stage.
  • You cannot win a new suggestion from one of your own suggested stages.
  • You cannot win a new suggestion if you beat a stage by more than its window.
  • The suggestion is awarded to the first person to reply and claim it, regardless of whose time was set earlier or faster.
  • If you don't wish to suggest a new stage, simply do nothing and it will remain available for someone else. :)

It's worth knowing that if you're decent at RWD and suggest a RWD stage, I might never get within 15 seconds of your time to add that stage to the pool. I'm pretty bad with RWDs!


Players Open to Steam Invites from Others at this Level
(Click names for profiles.)

It makes sense that the Steam friends I add from this thread might also want others to add them, so they too can have more friendly ghosts on their leaderboards. If that sounds like you, let me know and I will add your name here for others to see.

To keep the group's skill level somewhat consistent, you must have first completed steps 1 & 2 of the instructions.


Pretend FAQ to End With

  • If I already have a qualifying time can I just use that?
    Yep, pre-existing times are fine. You don't need to run a stage again if you had already beaten its time and you're still inside the window.
  • Is Steam necessary? What about console players?
    Unfortunately yes. The Steam friends list is required because DR2's leaderboard is just too cumbersome to keep looking up ghosts without the friends filter, even if you know the exact time. Sadly this does rule out console players. :( As far as I know DR2 doesn't have a mechanism to save cross-platform friends. You can still find my ghosts (or anyone's) and race against them, it's just that this is quite a painful task to keep doing manually. If you can't or prefer not to add me on Steam, that's cool, but it means you can't join in on the ghostly fun. :( You're still welcome to use the thread and talk times though.
  • Are you secretly good though?
    I'm not completely new and did play Dirt Rally 1, but I burst tyres very often and eliminate cars occasionally. I'm hopeless at RWDs and my R5 in Career Mode costs me more in repairs than it earns. I use gears and springs tuning decently I think, but I don't know how to use the rest properly. If I try properly I can get about 50% up the leaderboard of a daily event sometimes.
    But the practice from this thread is definitely lifting my game as time goes on.
  • How difficult are the Qualifying Times?
    It varies.
    If a track is unclaimed it typically means I've put in the minimum effort to finish at most 15 seconds behind the person who suggested that stage. So it's not uncommon to have an unclaimed Qualifying Time that has a crash or screwup somewhere.
    If a track is claimed, for some stages the QT hasn't even changed since it was claimed, while for other stages there's been a lot of hot competition among the group so the QT is getting pretty lean (Lejno and Full Mountain Descent are good examples if you want a challenge).
    A simple rule of thumb: If the window is 15 seconds, the accompanying QT shouldn't require too much more than getting to the end without crashing. Sometimes not even that. XD
  • Will people's times be recorded here?
    No. This isn't a thread for that; it's just for bringing players with similar skill levels together. The times above are purely about providing a base.  (There is a certain document getting around though!)
    Once friended, we'll easily be able to view each other's times in the game.
  • Any setup restrictions?
    No, any setup is fine since the times provide the guidance anyway. I have a cheap Chinese controller, typically use bumper cam in rallies but sometimes go external, and I don't bother with assists.
  • Is all DLC fair game?
    Sadly I do not have the Season 3/4 content. If you want to suggest a track from them, I won't be able to beat it, therefore add it. :(
    However maybe we'll be able to work something out if there are other players interested who have joined.
  • Couldn't someone good just game the 15-second window and sit at the finish line?
    Yep, but I doubt it would be worth it to anyone to bother.
  • GT on Argentina in the wet? That's not welcoming! :(
    Actually it's better than it sounds. It turns out to be kind of pleasant, since the stage and car are so punishing that all you have to do to compete is drive slowly and carefully. I don't think I even broke 3rd gear. As a result there's never a risk flying off the track or popping a tyre, so it's a less intense race than most others.
    Plus it's a super short track, not even 3kms, so it's nice to Time Trialers.
  • Why the extra rules for adding new stages?
    To promote the 2 main goals here: 1) To keep the skill level around the same place, and 2) to get more ghosts on each track. No matter how big the stage pool gets, there will never be more than 8 unclaimed tracks, and every claimed track will have at least 3 ghosts to race against, which I think is pretty cool. :) And those ghosts will start off quite accessible to average players who are using a controller.
  • How about a Club?
    As the stage pool grows hopefully there will come a time where it makes sense to have a custom Championship run via DR2's Clubs system; it'd be great to have a Championship of tracks everyone has been exclusively skilling up on. Right now it's a bit impractical due to the way you have to set a timer per location when creating a Club Championship, and most locations in the stage pool still only have 2 stages at most.
  • How did you put single-line newlines in your post?!
    Shift+Enter  :classic_smile:


I have no idea how this will go, but for now it's a start. :)

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How to Select and Use Ghosts in Time Trials

  1. In Time Trial mode, select a country and a stage to arrive at the Vehicle Select screen.
  2. Highlight any car from the class you will be using.
  3. Go to the Time Trial Leaderboard. (Equivalent of Y on a controller or use the mouse.)
  4. Navigate to a time you want to race against. You will notice that outside a 5-ish second window, this is very clunky to do.
  5. With the desired time highlighted, go to Leaderboard Options. (It's a little fiddly to keep the time highlighted if you use a mouse.)
  6. Select "Select Ghost" and repeat for up to 3 ghosts total.
  7. Return to the Vehicle Select screen, select your car, and continue as normal. When you start driving, you'll see the ghosts.

You can also do this from the Service Area in the same way; handy when you want to cycle in some better ghosts.

New options will appear in both the Service Area and pause menu to individually enable and disable the current ghosts. Including your own personal ghost, you can Time Trial with up to 5 cars on screen at once. :classic_ohmy:  We can't even do that in simultaneous rallies online!

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A few players have joined me over on the Steam thread and I've had some fun hammering away at a few tracks, Lejno especially. Lejno is filled with the most deceptive turns I know in the game. D:

Those guys have added a few tracks which I've managed to get close enough to, so the stage pool has grown a little, a few Qualifying Times have shrunk, and a few windows have also shrunk.
If you want to join in, the easier stages to qualify on are those with the 15 second windows. I think Spain especially is currently super-relaxed. Edit -- Just like Spain actually.  :classic_biggrin:


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Stage pool has increased to 13, with 3 more pending from players in the Steam thread. Another player joined the thread there too, and the ghosts are starting to breed.

I'll update this thread's OP when I get a chance.

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Two new players joined the group, stage pool now at 15 stages, Sweden finally gets a showing (still no Germany!).

Argentina - La Merced knocked down to 2:49, in the world's top 20.

OP updated and cleaned up.

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On 2/11/2020 at 7:33 PM, groverbaku said:

This is a brilliant idea!!! I'd join you guys if I was on PC.

There is no reason you can't still chase these same times from console - the only difference is you can't send a friend request. 

Also @XenialJ idk how fast everyone is here but I'm always open for invites from people racing time trials and/or MP sessions. I'll concede I'm kind of fast so I might not be the right one to chase ghosts with, but if you all are still looking for a fun challenge or even just to queue up some MP custom champs together definitely hit me up! https://steamcommunity.com/id/catbadders


Edited by Mike Dee

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Thanks for the offer :D But for now I'm just looking for ghosts around my level. :(

The difference with not having Steam is more about the UI in DR2. People can still compete with my/our ghosts, but without Steam friends, looking up even one ghost each time you want to compete is too irritating to realistically keep doing it... let alone having 2 or more to find (and we have 6 ghosts on some tracks). I'd invite people to compete that way but it's just too off-putting to hope to hold onto any players.



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