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Dirt Rally 2 Ghosts thread. Clumsy players welcome. :)

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Mini News Update

 • New: stages, classes, Too-Hard Basket, and Beat Your Ghosts to add new stages.
 • Every location and every car class now has a place in the Stage Pool!
 • Qualifying Windows softened on those brutal competitive stages.
 • Big OP cleanup. Clearer Stage Pool. All "claimed/unclaimed" stuff gone.

Full update here.

Welcome to the Dirt Rally 2 Ghosts thread!

If your Daily Event results leave you feeling like a goldfish in an ocean, this is a place you might like. :)


Not everyone is aware, but Time Trial mode lets you race ghosts of other players right there in the same rally with you.
But even a friend's ghosts aren't any fun if they just vanish from sight by the 3rd turn of every race.

So this thread is about 2 things:

  1. Finding players with a similar level of skill
  2. Growing a big collection of ghosts for players to choose from

This works via Steam's friends list. When you add someone on Steam it's like adding their ghosts to your "collection", accessible in the game with any leaderboard's friends filter.

We race on a pool of 22 stages (and counting) so that things aren't spread across 3,000+ different track variants.
All locations and classes are available in the pool, plus there's a way for players to have their own preferred stage added too.

    ► Unsure how to enable ghosts in Time Trial? Click here!


How to Join

  1. Qualify on any stage below by finishing with a time inside its Qualifying Window.
      →  If you already have a qualifying ghost on one of those stages, that works too.
      →  The window ensures your ghost isn't too slow or too fast for the group.
  2. Reply to the thread to say which stage and time it was, and add me on Steam.
  3. Also mention if you'd like me to put your name in the Open Players Group below.
  4. I'll confirm and add you back, and then you might also like to invite players from the Open Players Group for more ghosts.
    You don't need to be in the group to send invites to its players; it's just a list you can join if you want to let future players know that they can invite you.
  5. Compete as you wish and feel free to post whenever you knock out someone's ghost. :)


The rest of this post is just business; pretty much a bunch of lists.

  • The Stage Pool lists where you can race
  • The Open Players Group lists who you can race
  • The Too-Hard Basket lists rejected stages

And at the very end there's a link to a big ol' FAQ. :)

The Stage Pool

This is the growing list of stages we compete on. Every stage has at least 2 ghosts from players in the Open Players Group, but most have more. Stages are always 4-split only.

New players can use any stage to qualify by finishing with a time inside its Qualifying Window. Once you do, please feel welcome to post a reply and invite me (and anyone in the Open Players Group) on Steam. :)

If you're too fast for a stage's window it means your ghost is too tough for the group, but you can still go for qualification on any of the other stages. The point of all this is that every new player brings at least one fun ghost to the party that other players can compete with.

Results can be rounded down to the second. So a Qualifying Window with a maximum of 3:00 will qualify results up to 3:00.999.

    Stage Name ○ Surface ○ Vehicle Class                   Qualifying Window          Added by:

Seriously if anyone knows how to add tables or align text without code blocks please let me know!
    La Merced ○ Wet ○ Rally GT                                      3:03 - 2:38
    San Isidro ○ Dry ○ H1                                                 3:22 - 2:58               Added by Ochso

    Taylor Farm Sprint ○ Dry ○ R5                                   3:57 - 3:43            
    Rockton Plains ○ Dry ○ H2 (RWD)                              4:13 - 3:59              Added by lich0            

    Jyrkysjärvi ○ Dry ○ 2000cc                                        3:31 - 3:15

    Kreuzungsring ○ Dry ○ Rally GT                                 3:29 - 3:14

    Fourkéta Kourva ○ Dry ○ Kit Car                                3:19 - 3:05              Added by lich0

    Gordolon - Courte montée ○ n/a ○ H2 (FWD)            4:09 - 3:55             Added by mattshep69

    Ocean Beach Sprint Forward ○ Dry ○ NR4/R4             4:47 - 4:33
    Te Awanga Sprint Forward ○ Wet ○ Group B (RWD)    4:15 - 4:00

    Jezioro Lukie ○ Dry ○ H2 (FWD)                                  3:31 - 3:06
    Lejno ○ Dry ○ Group A                                                3:13 - 2:59              Added by lich0

    Viñedos Dardenyá ○ Dry ○ Group B (4WD)                   3:38 - 3:20

    Älgsjön Sprint ○ n/a ○ Group B (4WD)                         3:32 - 3:18             Added by lich0

    Fuller Mountain Descent ○ Dry ○ R2                            3:19 - 3:00
    Hancock Hill Sprint Forward ○ Dry ○ 2000cc               3:34 - 3:14
    Tolt Valley Sprint Reverse ○ Dry ○ 2000cc                    3:17 - 3:03             Added by Lala Racing

    Bidno Moorland ○ Dry ○ R5                                          3:26 - 3:06
    Pant Mawr Reverse ○ Dry ○ Group A                            3:13 - 2:59             Added by lich0
    Fferm Wynt ○ Dry ○ 2000cc                                         3:33 - 3:19             Added by mattshep69

Qualification Windows do adjust over time, often starting off quite lenient before tuning downwards a little as the understanding of a new stage settles in. 


The Open Players Group

This is the group of players who are happy for others to add them on Steam for more ghosts to get shared around.
If you would like to join, let me know and I'll include your name here, indicating to future new players that they can send a Steam invite to you too.

To keep the local skill level somewhat consistent, and to maintain a requirement of at least 1 new ghost per player, you must qualify on any stage before sending invites to this group.


The Too-Hard Basket

A system was being used to give players a way to add their preferred stage to the Stage Pool. As part of that system, a suggested stage was sometimes rejected due to its ghost being too tough to beat. 

That's where the Too-Hard Basket comes in. Those rejected stages are recorded here so that the better players can still see where those tougher ghosts are, should they wish to take on some extra challenge.

    Country - Stage Name          Surface     Class             Rejected Ghost Time    Submitted by

    Germany - Waldaufstieg        Dry         Group B (RWD)     3:00.065               lich0
    Finland - Kailajärvi          Dry         Kit Car           3:22.108               Dr. Ecksack
    Finland - Kailajärvi          Dry         Group B (4WD)     3:22.975               lich0


Link to FAQ

Why is Steam necessary? How do you set the Qualifying Window? Is any setup OK? How about a Club? Are some people really good?

All this and (lots) more in the FAQ that you'll find here.

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  • If I already have a qualifying time can I just use that?
    Yep, pre-existing times are fine. As long as they are inside the Qualifying Window you don't need to run a stage again.
  • Is Steam necessary? What about console players?
    Unfortunately yes. DR2's leaderboard is just too cumbersome to keep looking up ghosts without the Steam friends filter, even if you know the exact time. Sadly this does rule out console players. :( You can still find my ghosts (or anyone's) and race against them, it's just that this is quite a painful task to keep doing manually. If you can't or prefer not to add me on Steam, it means you can't join in on the ghostly fun but you're still welcome to use the thread for discussion.
  • How good will the players be in this? 
    It definitely varies. People can (and do) struggle on some tracks and blitz others, plus everyone involved definitely improves over time; such is the nature of competition. But I keep the Qualifying Windows fairly kind and I do (and have) reject stages people ask to add if their ghost is too hard to catch. The system for winning new stage additions also favours the players with the slowest times.

    Qualifying Windows are also influenced by my own times, and personally I am not amazing. I play on a very cheap controller and I still even use auto, so that's the kind of thing to expect. But also expect that people here are competitive. :)
  • Will people's times be recorded here?
    No. This isn't a thread for that; it's just for bringing players with similar skill levels together. The times above are purely about providing a base.
    Once friended, we'll easily be able to view each other's times in the game.
  • Any setup restrictions?
    No, any setup is fine since the Qualifying Windows provide the guidance anyway. Controller-users are welcome since that's what I use, but KBAM/wheel players can also join. In the game, any setup that Time Trial mode allows, is allowed.
  • Is all DLC fair game?
  • Couldn't someone good just game the 15-second window and sit at the finish line?
    Yep, but I doubt it would be worth it to anyone to bother.
  • Why the extra rules for adding new stages?
    To promote 2 main goals described in the OP (welcoming skill level and further distribution of ghosts). It's a system that guarantees every stage will have at least 2 ghosts, and allows me to steer attention towards any stages that could use some more.
  • How about a Club?
    As the stage pool grows (and it's getting close) hopefully there will come a time where it makes sense to have a custom Championship run via DR2's Clubs system. It'd be great to have a Championship of tracks everyone has been exclusively skilling up on. However right now it's a bit impractical due to the way you have to set a timer per location when creating a Club Championship, and most locations in the Stage Pool still only have 1 or 2 stages.
  • Why is there a night Argentina stage in GTs in the wet?!?!
    Seriously that stage is fun! Try it! But know that its ghosts are pretty competitive nowadays. :)
  • How do you work out the Qualifying Windows?
    When this started I simply kept qualifying times synced with my own ghosts, which soon made some stages pointlessly tough to qualify on wherever I was competitive.
    So now, for every stage, the maximum time of a Qualifying Window is the fastest of:
        - the bottom of the leaderboard for everyone in this thread
        - my personal best plus 15 seconds

    And the minimum time of a Qualifying Window is:
        - my personal best subtract between 10 and 20 seconds (based on the stage)

    The main improvement is that a new player's qualifying time is now allowed a fair amount of slack behind my own competitive time.

  • I don't have enough stages for "Beat Your Ghosts". What do I do?
    I took the gamble that everyone would have enough options to join in, but I knew maybe someone might not.
    If this is you, send me a PM and I'll add stages for you straight away.
  • Can you make the OP shorter?
    Oh boy have I tried. :/
  • How did you put single-line newlines in your post?! 
    Shift+Enter  :classic_smile:


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A few players have joined me over on the Steam thread and I've had some fun hammering away at a few tracks, Lejno especially. Lejno is filled with the most deceptive turns I know in the game. D:

Those guys have added a few tracks which I've managed to get close enough to, so the stage pool has grown a little, a few Qualifying Times have shrunk, and a few windows have also shrunk.
If you want to join in, the easier stages to qualify on are those with the 15 second windows. I think Spain especially is currently super-relaxed. Edit -- Just like Spain actually.  :classic_biggrin:


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Stage pool has increased to 13, with 3 more pending from players in the Steam thread. Another player joined the thread there too, and the ghosts are starting to breed.

I'll update this thread's OP when I get a chance.

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Two new players joined the group, stage pool now at 15 stages, Sweden finally gets a showing (still no Germany!).

Argentina - La Merced knocked down to 2:49, in the world's top 20.

OP updated and cleaned up.

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On 2/11/2020 at 7:33 PM, groverbaku said:

This is a brilliant idea!!! I'd join you guys if I was on PC.

There is no reason you can't still chase these same times from console - the only difference is you can't send a friend request. 

Also @XenialJ idk how fast everyone is here but I'm always open for invites from people racing time trials and/or MP sessions. I'll concede I'm kind of fast so I might not be the right one to chase ghosts with, but if you all are still looking for a fun challenge or even just to queue up some MP custom champs together definitely hit me up! https://steamcommunity.com/id/catbadders


Edited by Mike Dee

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Thanks for the offer :D But for now I'm just looking for ghosts around my level. :(

The difference with not having Steam is more about the UI in DR2. People can still compete with my/our ghosts, but without Steam friends, looking up even one ghost each time you want to compete is too irritating to realistically keep doing it... let alone having 2 or more to find (and we have 6 ghosts on some tracks). I'd invite people to compete that way but it's just too off-putting to hope to hold onto any players.



Edited by XenialJ

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Huge update to the OP and to the Stage Pool. 
Mini update as follows:

 • New: Stages, classes, Too-Hard Basket, and Beat Your Ghosts to add new stages (currently on hold to let the 7 new stages settle in)
 • Every location and every car class now has a place in the Stage Pool!
 • Qualifying Windows softened on those brutal competitive stages.
 • Big OP cleanup. Clearer Stage Pool. All "claimed/unclaimed" stuff gone.

Full update here (Steam).

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If you are able, could you please move this thread to the Clubs & Leagues board?
Cheers :)

Edit - Thanks!

Edited by XenialJ
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