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Weird Sector Times in F1 Game

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An odd thing started happening in the middle of last month. I just realized it was happening a couple days ago, and I'm at a loss to explain it, let alone fix it. Almost all of the sector times in Time Trial are ending with a 9. I drove 40 laps at Suzuka this morning and got the following:

Sector 1 - only 6 of the 40 sectors did not end with a 9.

Sector 2 - Only 1 sector of the 40 didn't end with an 8 or a 9.

Sector 3 - Every single sector of the 40 sectors ended with a 9.

I checked the other 8 tracks that I drive and the phenomena is occurring on all of them. I also noticed a general increase in sector times of about .3 to .4 tenths.

I uninstalled the game (F1 2017) yesterday and reinstalled it hoping that a glitch had developed and the new installation would fix it, but it did not. The times are obviously erroneous and can no longer be trusted which is very frustrating.

Anyone else encounter this problem and if so is there a fix?

Thanks :)

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