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Show Off Your Replays


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yes the sweet lamb battle continues  :p

heres my 5:36 run with a double barrel roll in the middle  :D

i think with no barrel rolls and quicker first few sections which i know i can go alot better ill be at about your time or slightly faster. 5:30 is about as quick as you will go though.


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Setting a 5:30.8 on Sweet Lamb in a fully upgraded T16! I don't think I can go much quicker than this. Maybe a couple of seconds if I'm lucky.


Looks like you've got the perfect setup for those bumps!

Thank you! Would you like me to share my setup here?
Up to you if you want to share it. (I might have a crack at trying to beat you then ha)
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Almost seems a bit redundant sharing into what is essentially a different class of gamer, but oh well.
Full tarmac run of the Peugeot 205 PP at Pikes Peak. Default car setup apart from gear ratios.
In Championship mode with only advanced setup and turbo upgrade 1 unlocked.

And pretty much pushing the limit of my ability on Perasma Platani
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Nice vid Mr. Smurf! Not too sure about that odd version of the song you've chosen though...

Here's how to powerslide the Metro:

Ah, the old "reverse entry" technique :)

Sorry about the music, was on the tv while I was working on the video and it fitted the run time so... :) 

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Might be an old motor but had fun while taking this of the Badass Drivers league 1st event. Not the fastest time for sure but fun anyways :)

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Some of my Dirt Rally gameplay videos:

Subaru Impreza - Sweet Lamb

Lancia Stratos - Pedines Epidaxi , Greece

Peugeot 205 T16 - Pikes Peak
Sorry, this one, the gear shifting inset video is not in sync with the main and replay video. Video editing mistake.
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