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Clutch pedal not decoupling engine revs from braking action when depressed

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When driving with H-Pattern and Clutch transmission option, braking pressure will affect engine speed even with the clutch fully depressed.  This happens whether the gear shift is in gear or neutral. 

I noticed this issue because I could not heel toe rev match, but could rev match when not braking.  

A video of the behavior is here.

System Spec
AMD thuban
4 gigs of RAM
Win 7 Ultimate
G27 wheel and H-pattern shifter

Steps to reproduce
  • Select H-Pattern with clutch transmission option
  • Press clutch and throttle to the floor
  • depress brake pedal without lifting clutch or throttle
  • observe change in revs
Your recent history of races 
Happens at all tracks

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Happens at all tracks

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?

How long was your current session?
Can be reproduced immediately

Which graphics preset were you using?
Ultra settings except anistropic filtering to high
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