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Can't put spare tyre on the car after flat in Club event

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Before the third loop of stages in Monte Carlo in one of my clubs I repaired the car, put the correct setup on, picked my tyre choice and double-checked whether I had a spare tyre onboard or not.

I knew from past experience that during a service in a club event, it doesn't automatically put a spare in the car sometimes so I explicitely checked to make sure and indeed I had to pick the option of having one spare onboard.

Near the finish of the first stage of that loop, I slightly touched one of the low walls on the outside of one of the corners and, as you can guess, I had a flat. I continued because it was less than 500 metres from the finish and thought: "Before the next stage my tyre will be replaced by the spare one." I was in absolute disbelieve when I set off on the next stage, realising that my flat hadn't been replaced yet! I stopped to see if I could still change it but the option to do this wasn't flashing on my screen. I pressed 'pause' to see if the option was there in the menu but to no avail.

That truly was a horrible way to end the event as I was fighting for the top positions in a high end club event/championship. I'm properly miffed right now because of this as my chances of fighting for the crown in this club/championship have basically gone from 'highly likely' to 'nigh on impossible' because of this as I had really high hopes for this one and was going strong. 😥

@PJTierney , please check this issue because this shouldn't be happening.

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