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Frames per second dropped


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I have DiRT Rally since last week, and it ran very well on my PC rig, 75 fps average:
i7 4790K
R9 280X PowerColor
Windows 7- 64bit

But today it suddenly dropped to 25-35 fps, I din't change any configuration! Yesterday was everything ok.
Does anyone know what that may be causing that?

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I have HD 7950 and am also experiencing frame rate trouble. I have determined it to be something with the shader detail and ground cover. Do you want to try running ultra settings except for those two and see what your fps is?
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Hello again,

with my fixed GPU, I ran the benchmark test. With everything on Ultra, Full HD, 4x MSAA:
Total Frames: 13,702
Average FPS: 72.80
Minimum FPS: 58.68
Max. FPS: 92.21

Everything on Ultra, except Shader Detail (Ultra Low) and Ground Cover (off), Full HD, 4x MSAA:
Total Frames: 30,110
Average FPS: 159.98
Minimum FPS: 133.48
Max. FPS: 205.53

That's a big difference!
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