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Season 2 Rain and Objectives


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Hi first thanks for the new cars, Vulcan is a beauty! 4 Queries;

1. Is it supposed to be raining heavy almost every race in season 2? Seems a bit extreme and can't really experience the new cars much in the dry, not including free run as the money earned is non-existent.

2. Also in Objectives the Track Day GT Hoarder isn't getting ticked off, I've bought them all, Zonda, FXX, Vulcan and BT62. Though I bought the 599XX and GT Heritage anyway too.

3. How do you get the Two Wheels bonuses for objectives? There are literally no jumps and being aggressive on curbs gives a split second two wheel bonus on screen but for all those I've done I've still not achieved even the 10 second two wheel objective?

4. The big one! Stats page.. Can we please get one, I'm surprised with Racenet its not up there either so no idea why we sign up for that in game? But especially for the trophy around the globe it would be nice to know what mileage I've done, but also how many races I've participated in total, wins, poles, mileage in career/total etc. Stats have always been a big thing in all sports so its odd we don't have it here, please consider this, safe to say we'd all love and appreciate it.

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Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

1. Noted on your feedback for the Career events, will pass it on 

2. That's the second report I've received for this specific, so I'll be raising it and investigating 

3. Using classic cars on street circuits (particularly Havana) is often a good combination for some two-wheel action 

4. That's a common request and we're working hard to bring something like this to the game 🙂

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