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How humans drivers should restart a race after a SC

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In our league, and maybe in others there is a big mistake when a race is going to be restarted after a SC period. Usually the leader is so close to the SC until it entry at pitlane.

The restart F1 rules says when the safety car driver turns off the lights (on top of the car) to indicate it's coming in this lap. From then the leader of the race effectively becomes the safety car. He'll slow down sufficiently so that when they get going, the safety car is already back in the pits. The actual safety car continues full speed all the way back to the pits.

When we are in a SC period, and appears the message: SC leaves in that lap, human drivers should maintain a low speed until the SC is in the pitlane, letting SC go. You can see an example in the minimap of that video, in it, IA goes a 100km/h or so and the SC separate to the group until it arrives to pitlane and green flag show us that we can acelerate to full throte.



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