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DLC content that I would like to see in the game saga

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I've been thinking for several days about what dlc content I would like to have in the saga.

The first thing that I have asked myself is what I use the least and why, always thinking about my preferences...

1.- I love the Classic content, as a big fan of F1 I would like to recreate a one year era completely... all cars, all tracks, official hud, the rules... anything in where I use a classic car not like a track day but also like a championship, online and offline.

In that thread you can see which are the preference of the community in term of classic cars, for that reason, for instance Codemasters should recreate a DLC content with the 1996 content with that awesome Williams FW18, Ferrari F310, Benetton B196 etc. Moreover that 1996 season was the 50 anniversary of the F1 motorsport so why not we could drive that cars in that scenarios paying for that?

Even 2020 era should be included as a DLC as it is mentioned.

2.- Another issue that I would like is to have is laser scanned circuits , paying for them would not be a problem for me, and with the absorption of SMS they have the experience, the ability to scan the circuits, the tools to do it and, in some cases, even the material already scanned by SMS for Project Cars.


And for you mates? what do you wanted to have in a DLC content?


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