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CM you Joking on me ?


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1st off that reset "fix" was null N void !

Was reduced to lvl zero with all funds & purchased cars GONE !

So i began my "mission" to see what season 2 offers, To what surprise (i shouldn't have been)

i start out with lack of funds for the "glorious GT class" advertised But can't afford even the cheapest 650k car   😞
My registered earnings were 637k & winnings @ 40k didn't register !
still can't buy the cheapest new season 2 gt car.........................
You have to be kidding me that this is happening, after that reset i am WIPED OUT of funds, now i can't even get new funds ?

CM you have some Explaining to do !

Season 2 to me the way it is IS DEAD....................FIX it (yes) but i can't be bothered with this level of failure..........

No point sending you a msg..................i can't be the only 1 with this issue after "CM reset" fix............

Not sure but maybe that "reset" fix is the culprit !

i wish i had just stayed on course cause now i can't even buy a car for season 2...........................&^^$$#$^&%(&*

NO NOT resetting my game AGAIN...................just to start @ zero AGAIN !

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Having already done a reset (to replay career using the distance multiplier) I kind of half agree with what you're saying. On one hand not everyone earns money and player rank thru career mode alone so I can see why a complete factory reset might be a little unfair. On the other hand unlocking cars is all part and parcel of the game's natural progression so having them all at your disposal from the off does kind of remove the only sense of purpose career mode has. Besides which, most of the events on the career tree require unlocking so even if you do have the cars you still can't use them until their specific events become available. Not sure why career earnings aren't registering after the reset (I think i'm reading that correctly) because I didn't have that issue. Admittedly I haven't played it in a while because despite all my best intentions I did get bored with the second playthru quite quickly.

Player rank is just a number that aside from showing 'status' in a multiplayer lobby has absolutely no point in Grid. Much like having the equally as pointless "VIP" tagged against your name in multiplayer - with the only thing that signifying is that you were foolish enough to purchase the Ultimate edition.   

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Just one of the countless "great" game design decisions to always -50% the credits for every time you drive the same career event.

And who had guessed it the new race lenght feature does only get you longer races but does not x2,x3,x4 or x5 the credits you get for your effort.

Kinda they just don´t want anyone to have fun with their game.

Funny isn´t it ? 😄

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