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Tyre marbles not visible on F1 2019 1.21

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Hi @Webtel1992,

Thanks for the feedback.

I personally don't see this as a bug, and its by design. If you want to add it as a suggestion, I'd recommend adding a detailed post as a new thread on the General Discussion page and see the opinions of others. This thread is for feedback for the 1.21 patch and the new updates is brings 👍

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18 hours ago, Webtel1992 said:

Driving off racing line should able feel and see tyre marble on tyre surface 


For past game from codies after fix with patch 1.04 what that particular problem now that same problem once again appear 


It resurface again with patch 1.21 of f1 2019

Good grief..your using the TV pod cam and out everything the game does and doesnt do right this is what you waste a thread on. Yea...where is the tire marble says the guy using the tv pod cam! Some of you guys really are ridiculous.

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Everyone here is entitled to his opinion and is encouraged to speak out as long as you are respectful towards other forum members and staff. This might not be important to you and I'm know there are more important issues to fix but he has a point; driving of the racing line should affect the behaviour of the car.

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