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UDP Telemetry: GForce values broken

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Wrote on the UDP specifications, but also writing this here. Found this bug, when testing new version of my Telemetry tool. I haven't really done any driving on the game for few months, but got back now and noticed this issue.

Platform: PC/Win 7

Version: Latest 1.21

Tested: All frequencies, broadcast and non-broadcast feed

The GForce values (Lat,Lon,Vert) in the UDP Telemetry data are mostly 0 and there are short blips with value. There was similar bug in F1 2018 at some point, but it got fixed. My last good "data" is from early November, where the saved lap data still has proper values from the Telemetry feed.

Image of "erroneous data".



What it should look like


I hope this can still be fixed in the game.



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Very interesting find! The telemetry should get the attention it deserves too.
Also the 2nd sector times of other people usually don't get sent (hence, why you often have a purple 2nd sector) this is even the case for spectators (you can see the minimap get purple) 
And a huge downgrade from last year's game is that the driver names are also not sent... requiring race engineers to manually enter the names....

This game would benefit from being taken seriously a lot!

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