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G29 Control Input Lock Up/Stuck

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Hey so I've been a long time dirt fan and I've recently bought a G29 to use however it is nearly impossible to play any dirt game with it (so far I have tried dirt rally 1, dirt 4 and dirt rally 2.0) as nearly 10 seconds into a stage without any warning and seemingly at random the control input is suddenly stuck, so the input that I am putting in at that moment is constant and no buttons on the wheel or other inputs respond after that point with no controller disconnected message either. So I usually have to pause the game using my keyboard (keyboard and mouse input still work interestingly enough), unplug the g29, plug it back in again, then resume the game and then it works again until the next random time it happens again (which is usually pretty short). I have noticed that dirt rally 2.0 is the most frequent offender with it usually happening right when either a stage or a shakedown begins, with dirt rally 1 being almost perfect 90% of the time and dirt 4 slightly better than dirt rally 2.0 but still really bad. In the menus, during car selections and all that this doesn't happen, only when a car is being driven. I can also replicate this issue in Richard Burns Rally where it does happen every odd 20-40 minutes. This issue does seem to be game specific and not related to hardware as I've taken the thing apart and checked the integrity of all the cords especially the ones related to power supply. All drivers are up to date and the little usb power trick was done. The wheel works perfectly in project cars 2 and I can have a 6 hour race and not run into any problems at all. This is really annoying because all I want to do is rally! Thanks

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