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GRID 2019 Can't see multiplayer earnings (?) money / credits

Do you have the same problem?  

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  1. 1. Does the game tell you how much money you've earned after a multiplayer race?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Never

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After multiplayer races the game doesn't tell you how much credits/money you've earned (only shows XP, levelup etc) Only way to find out is to remember what you had before the race and then calculate the difference. Surely this is not intended? We do see the Cost window popup after a race though...

Doesn't seem to matter if multiplayer AI is enabled or not, the result is the same.

I'm playing the Steam version of GRID 2019, don't know exactly what version, it doesn't show in bottom left corner(?) It's still going on since season 2 released.

My friends report they can't see it either. Although one of them swore he could see it popup very briefly once...but I have no clue what he saw.

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The rewards payout for races in all modes should appear straight after you cross the line, in the same screen that shows your finishing position. If this isn't appearing for you, please let us know with some examples of this occurring, and any further information you can provide based on our guide: 

Thank you 🙂


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I don't see multiplayer earnings? If you do see them in video, please point them out to me with timestamp - if video is blurry, youtube is still rendering high res version. I have a bunch of recordings, but I think a single demonstration video should suffice. If not let me know... I will upload the rest.

Got to see my winnings once, but only because I had a penalty (see screenshot)


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