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DiRT Rally 2.0 stuck on Start/Enter page

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Dear friends at Codemasters,

I purchased DR 2.0 back in April 2019. After installation, I ran a short stage where the game worked good on my system. I took a break from the game where I upgraded my peripherals with a new Fanatec shifter. After calibration and allowing a CM update on DR 2.0 (possible culprit), I tried to get into the game. To my dismay, DR 2.0 would not go past Start/Enter page. The mouse cursor moved and intro video cycles but no response from start button, Enter, or mouse. 

I have not been able to play the sim at all since that first time. 

Note: I have all DiRT titles, including all F1,  and they all play flawlessly. DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 1 are perfect and I play them regularly. I do want DR 2.0 to work. CM helped me try to fix the problem back in the summer of 2019 but after submitting my DxDiag.txt and following instructions on numerous prognostic procedures, nothing has worked. I have no binding to get me going. At this time, CM has given up on me which I find unacceptable. Please help get me going w/DR 2.0.

You should be able to get all my transaction emails from CM service dept. My email address is:


 Thank you

Val Hoggard

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Howdy all!  Hope you are safe and sound.  Thank God for our ability to pursue our love of rally and other racing venues without having to go anywhere.  🙂

I finally got Dirt Rally 2.0 going after doing another clean install.  Maybe CM did some work on my problem (see above) in the last update but I now am having a blast driving DR2 and it was worth the wait!  I installed Colin's Flat-Out Pack too.  🙂

I am a cancer survivor and being able to race my favorite games while this very dangerous virus (especially for me) floats by, is just perfect.  I do have other hobbies as I play classical guitar, chess, painting and of course I ride my Harley Davidson Ultra when I get a chance. 

You guys keep the rubber on the road and be safe!  Thank you Codemasters for all the help you gave me back in far away 2019 and up to now! 


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