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Autosport Black Edition

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Will get you an update asap on the Steam pre-orders.
mcnab said:
Sorry if this has been asked else where!!!
If i have the black edition and my friend does not, is this going to cause issues as grid 2 did where my friend or any1 else that does not have the same cars as me can not join a lobby/race that i create and seperate the community again??

oops just read loggys post!! sily me

yeah will dlc split the community??
No it won't. If you have the Black Edition and friend doesn't you'll still be able to play with each other.
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Loore said:
...a tad off topic. Did Lee get his cowboy-hat :?
No, you'd think that if you go to Texas you'd find somewhere that sold one, but I didn't. I did find a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit but passed on that.
Here's where the cheaper ones are, down here at least.

Some classy ones can be had here:

And of course, there's mom and pop stores clothing stores. Pretty much any store with "Western Wear" in the name has some really nice ones.
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Loore said:
which will be not sooner then june  :)
We're hoping tonight, but Valve time is a bit strange :)
I was getting the feeling the green bar on the steam page of the game with the text "available in june" was reffering to the pre-order date and not to release date.
I think alot of people hope youre right and me wrong instead of the opposite.   :D
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Loore said:
zRad1c4L said:

Can you give us details on the Steam preorder Loore, or you're going to make us wait? Hehe!

I don't want to jinx anything so will let you wait, shouldn't be long :)

Black Edition will be a part of it though.
how long, is not long?
We're hoping they'll go online later tonight :)


The "Available in June" green bar is very much a release date thing :)
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