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Patch V 03.3


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We just set another small patch live for DiRT Rally which should hopefully reduce the number of Error 41 messages which some users are experiencing.

Since we started working on the problem we’ve come to learn that there are apparently a few different causes of this particular error code and as a result we know we won’t have fixed it for everybody.

We’re estimating today’s patch should work for about 40-50% of players who experience it, which is good because it means we’re finally breaking the back of this thing, but it also kinda sucks for those who are still having the issue.

We’re not finished with this though, we’ll continue to work on it and we still need your help tracking it down so if you do still experience the issue after today’s patch. Please let us know, you’ll find more info in the technical support forums.

We’ve also made a change to the Weekly Event so rather than waiting for stages to unlock as the week goes on you can now take on the whole thing in one go or at your own pace.

Outside of the game we’ve made some changes to dirtgame.com and you will now be able to view the leaderboards for past Daily, Weekly and Monthly Events.

We’ve also updated the Steam Store page to make what spec rig you will need to run DiRT Rally clearer, we haven’t changed the minimum spec but we’ve had some people asking us questions like “will my XXX graphics card work”. So we’ve added in a list of graphics card which we know work with DiRT Rally. This isn’t a complete list but it is the most common cards, if yours isn’t listed or if you are unsure you’ll need to check that your card is a DirectX 11 graphics card. You’ll normally find this info on the manufacturer’s website.

Coming up next we’re continuing to work on bug fixes, FFB, Pikes Peak and more. Keep an eye out for this week’s Road Book blog post later this week for more info and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for the latest news  

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I also see there's a few threads on resolution and refresh issues

I posted mine here (issue with 21:9 aspect as well as correct refresh rate detection)


But also these threads as well (call to support 720p )


Refresh rate at startup 24Hz


Some of these seem to be bugs carried over from the ego engine used for Grid. Any chance you can sit down with the team who program the engine and ask them to fix these issues. If this game is to be taken seriously going forwards id expect the basics to be in place when Dirt 3 and F1 2013/2014 correctly detect resolution and refresh.


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Did you say Pikes Peak!!!!!! The original version from Dirt,...right? Not the pazy asphalt new version :smiley: 

Coming up next we’re continuing to work on bug fixes, FFB, Pikes Peak and more.

Yes, Pikes Peak pack with (if I remember reading it correctly) gravel and tarmac versions and with some hillclimb cars (one of them will be Peugeot 405 T16)
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LOPa99 said:

Did not have any issue until patch v3.3.... Now i get random freezes and error 41......

Not happy at all!!!!!
ah man :/ So sorry. Can you send us your dxdiag with an email containing some more details to dirtgame@codemasters.com
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