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DIRT RALLY DEV ATTENTION - Resolution BUG - Needs fixing


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Hi all, I did post this in general discussion but it seems to be getting ignored.

I hope a developer responsible for engine programming regards to visuals can help or this can be counted as a bug by the devs. Please can a Dev look into this and raise it as a bug as soon as possible.

I use an LG34UM95 - http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-34UM95 with two EVGA 780Ti Graphics cards using the latest Nvidia driver 350.12

In Dirt Rally, whilst I can select the right resolution, the aspect ratio doesn't take into account 21:9 (however auto seems to work ok but really you should be supporting 21:9 aspect ratio correctly for those of us with 1 big monitor who don't have space for triple screen setups) but also there appears to be a bug (also happened in Grid Autosport) that I cant set the resolution refresh above 49Hz.

The problem I'm having is despite fine temps on cpu and gpu I occasionally get intermittent stuttering (could be micro stutter) and Id like to use VSYNC at 59Hz, but Dirt Rally doesn't give me this refresh option ?

I have attached the xml files for dirt rally, as you can see only 29Hz and 49Hz is given as an option. HOWEVER, in F12014 and F12013, which uses the same engine, the resolution is correctly displayed as well as the correct refresh rate. Interestingly I wonder if you are using the buggy Grid Autosport engine as this too doesn't give me the correct refresh rate. Check the attached config files and you will see what I mean.

Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzs4XwiN4A28MFQycTViZC1oQ1U/view?usp=sharing

Seems like this could be a bug carried forward from the ego engine used for Grid Autosport ? Can this be forwarded to your engineers please ? id like a working Dirt Rally at 3440 x 1440 with 59/60Hz resolution please as well as correct aspect ratio for 21:9 support. I'm hoping as this is early access you will take this onboard and fix it. I have tried hard coding the refresh rate into the dirt rally config files, but the engine seems to ignore it even if I make the files read only.

Please note attachment is just xml files but if theres a better way to forward this to a developer please do let me know.

Thanks !

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