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Introduction: Chronic_Enigma

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Hey guys! Chronic_Enigma here introducing myself to the community here. I'm a new streamer who loves playing a good racing/co-op/shooter game.

Channel: http://twitch.tv/Chronic_Enigma

Tuesday - Saturday 1.30am - 4.30am AEST (Australian time)

Sunday - Monday 6.30pm - 12.30am AEST ( Australian time)

Games: Assetto Corsa, GTA V, Portal 2, Banished, Dirt Rally

Goal: To Keep streaming everyday while improving all aspects of my stream.


Hey there! My name is Chronic_Enigma, and I have been playing games since I can remember, mostly focusing on racing sims, co-op and shooter games.

My Goal

I want to show my face in this community and hopefully get as many of you guys to help me out with the twitch journey.

Please check out my channel and throw me a follow to help me expand my stream :)

Feel free to message me at any time about questions or help.

It's nice to meet you guys!

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