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Would you like to have an spotter


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I know it's not realistic, but I think it could help a lot to avoid crashes in multiplayer races. Maybe could be added as an assist.

I use external software to have it, because I cant see the proximity arrows (even less realistic), I would love to have it integrated.

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No, and you already answered this; it's not realistic. The best option in my opinion is to make the mirrors work without having to turn the drivers head. Mirrors work fine in F2. Make it happen in F1 too.

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Yes, make the mirrors work or add a virtual mirror... No to spotters; recording the audio and to get it to work properly IMO would be resources best used elsewhere. (An on/off option not realistic mirror is less time and cost to develop in my educated guess)

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I would be happy as well with mirrors, 3 screen support in xbox or any other solution that could help to have clean races

Al least allow to move the proximity arrows to put them in other part of the screen.

The fact is that the absence of any of these solutions is one (not the only) of the causes of the horrible multiplayer experience. I can stand less realism if I can enjoy more the game.

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I'd just like to add that the proximity arrows are absolutely hopeless in this game.

They absolutely DO NOT TIE IN with the rear view proximity.

I can see a proximity arrow sometimes if the driver is just in view. Two arrows and there is still a decent gap. Red arrows can't always be believed.

Basically the desync between proximity and view is just that - desync or lag. Cars are further forward than they appear on screen, definitive symptom of desync/lag.

Blue flags exactly the same; if you are unfortunate enough to be getting the flags. If you move over when they are shown, it can be 3-5 seconds before the other car overtakes, AI or Human.

So the penalties are unfair, because you lose too much time to respect them fully.

Again, I should be able to use the mirrors to gauge proximity so I agree with some of the other posts here. A virtual rearview mirror would be hopeless if it is as inaccurate as the 'Look back' view. I will be pleasantly surprised if the mirror lighting bug is fixed in F1 2020 (I am not holding my breath and will wait for the forum feedback).

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