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I've been your DiRT community manager for the last two years - Ask Me Anything


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Apart from the 6 rally locations already being worked on/planned, if you persinally could choose any one to be added afterwards, where would it be?

Don't worry, we know that doesn't mean it would happen, just wondering about where you think would be interesting personally.
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I'm thinking of locking this thread off tomorrow y'all so if you've anymore to ask me about the last two years speak now or forever hold your peace.

We'll do another one soon.
Having threads like these are quite important. Especially around games that are for the players and still in development.
There is another forum/another game franchise that usually do a q&a type of thing. On wednesday they fill a thread with questions, and on friday the pick the good ones out and reply in a new thread.

How many people work on Dirt Rally? 20? 50? 100?
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peteemr said:

can somewone help me here please?

i have install dirt rally but wen i wil play have i error 41

Try this:

KickUp said:
Areyouben said:
Ok, so I have been having this Error 41 for two weeks now. So this morning in frustration I searched the web again and there was a comment on a steam discussion stating that you need 3 gb of minimum free space on the hard drive your windows is installed on in order to get rid of this error. I had about 2 gb free so I free'd up some more to get to the minimum of 3 gb and now the error 41 disappeared!

I don't know if this is a known fix and if it's permanent or not but I think it's worth a share in the most populated DiRT topic. Anyone else with the error who can try this out? Maybe some CM guys can fill up their Windows hard drive to the point where there is little to no space left on it and try to start the game, maybe that that replicates the error? @justbiglee ; @KickUp 
For now this is a workaround but it may not work for everyone. Basically the game is trying to allocate space for replays and if there isn't enough space it fails and it is one of the causes for error 41.

This is known and we are working on a way of handling this more gracefully. Reason being that for some people it may mean that they don't get replays and we need to find a nice way of dealing with that in game.

Hope that helps explain why we haven't been shouting about this as a full fix for the issue.
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Favourite work colleague?

How much do I have to pay ya to see you in a cute maid costume?

More seriously, what aspect of being a community manager made you most interested in the position?

Honestly... It just kinda happened and I've no idea what I was thinking.

MrPix said:
@justbiglee - will the telemetry bug introduced in Dirt 3 patch 1.2 that is still present in Dirt 3 (almost) Complete Edition ever be fixed?
Probably not sorry

.Nightswipe said:
How many people work on Dirt Rally? 20? 50? 100?
100+ Don't know the exact number, have a watch of the credits :)
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It seems this thread hasn't been closed as planned...

I think Project CARS started off as a last gen titled and the graphics engine then evolved over time? Is there a possibility of the DiRT Rally engine evolving and, if so, would it be possible to incorporate track deformation similar to (but perhaps not so extreme as) SPINTIRES (as many have asked for already), and to get car Soft-Body physics similar to BeamNG.drive?
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