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GRID: Car Tuning in Multiplayer and More Community-Requested Additions


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  • Codemasters Staff

Hey everyone,

Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the game that directly address hot topics within our community.

Ahead of the next Season of content will be a free update for GRID. Alongside the usual technical tweaks and optimisations, we’re adding a clutch of new features that are the result of feedback and requests for players. Let’s dig a little deeper into what’s just around the corner in this update, shall we?


First up, in the next update we’ll be adding an area in GRID’s profile section, that allows each player to view their own in-game statistics and accolades. Included in this area will be the total distance you have driven in the game – something that’ll come in handy to track that infamous ‘Around The Globe’ Achievement/Trophy we devilishly included…

Next up: Cleaning your car. Whilst all cars in GRID are intentionally slightly scuffed and scratched in areas, to show their battle scars and the game’s action-packed nature, we’ve heard the requests to give your garage a squeaky-clean look. So, before each race event in the vehicle select menu, you’ll have the option to clean your car, if you wish.

We’ve also spoken to plenty of GRID racers about the game’s car tuning options. Whilst the feedback around the variety and accessibility of the tuning system has been great, players have asked to have this option in Multiplayer, as well as the single-player modes. From the next update, all players will now be able to adjust their car’s tuning setup, whenever they’re in Skirmish. It’s another way for all players to prove their worth against the world and adds some more depth into the Multiplayer experience.

Speaking of Achievements and Trophies, we have some more good news. We’ve heard the requests from players to add more of these based around post-launch content, and are working hard to add extra Achievements/Trophies to GRID, for all platforms, when the next Season of content drops. These new achievements would be split up to cover all three of GRID’s Seasons, so you’ll have scenarios and objectives to hit based around the new cars and circuits added to the game since launch. Closer to the new Season’s drop, we’ll have full details on this addition.


Each of these additions are the continuation of prioritising player feedback to further improve GRID – the driving factor behind other new features, such as Session Search the option to extend race lengths in Career mode. That’s alongside 10 cars, two circuits, and other new additions since launch.

Got any thoughts about the new features? Keep chatting with us and other GRID players on our social channels, the Codemasters Forums, and GRID’s official Discord.

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It's all well and good but no one listens at codemasters, the sales structure is wrong with grid , dirt rally 2.0 absolutely a joke sale season 1/2 in sales months ago but season 3/4 never ever been in a sale , so why offer one part but never going to offer the second half,

F12019 , FFB was amazing on day one release, now serval patches and most leagues only use the multiplayer cars in league racing due to the very poor handling dynamics and FFB of the actual f12019 cars in the game,

people took time out and posted , we race , test over and over every week,

hundreds of hours , put top level leagues together and we are ignored to told to be quiet and we are infringing the forum rules,

we love codemasters and all of there fantastic hardworking staff , 

ipeople who tested hundreds and hundreds of hours in leagues know the game inside out ,

this is wheel users,

on project cars 2 , most of us have thousands of hours testing, racing then testing again, running leagues,

we are the people who want to help codemasters as in turn it helps us ,

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