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Grid ultimate

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Was just wondering why the Xbox grid ultimate is between 50 and 75 quid but PlayStation are selling it for like 25 quid ... am I missing something is he Xbox version more superior or just most people have a Xbox so it’s rip of Xbox players..

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It's money money money,

Our  opinions don't count ,

it all gets boring after 6 months of same old stuff, 

if you post too much about same issues then you will get slapped with forum infringement,

Over  the years on here I used to read other posts about bugs and take no notice but 2019 I was the year those posts made sense,

sorry I can't help but I would wait until it's free or eventually the price is almost a giveaway lol,

we are massive fans and great supporters of codemasters and has to be a twofold thing between customers and codemasters.

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Hardly a day goes by when there is not a story in the news about the latest rogue taxi drivers in Bangkok. They are vilified for turning down passengers, dumping people by the side of the road, not turning on the meter ...

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