@BarryBL   Been a while since I posted something, but just wanted to contribute on improvements on 2020   Online lobbies (ranked as well as unranked) are not really good designed (understatement of the year) What needs to be changed other than the obvious what everybody is already stating that ranked lobbies need to be split up in assist users and no assist users, the broken ranking system, and the penalty system. - The so called filter: what's the use of a filter on region only? People want to be able to filter lobbies on how long a race is, which assists needs to be on or off, damage type, those kind of things. Right now people need to open every lobby to see what assists the host has turned on, not user friendly. Cleans up the overview of lobbies which are also in progress. - When leaving said unranked lobby, why for god sake do people get returned to the MAIN screen in stead of back to the lobby oversight screen? Now we get returned to the main screen and start searching all over again. There's absolutely no logic in that. - Hosts need to be able to stop a race session at any moment, so they can kick out dirty drivers and this way clean out the lobby from toxic people, and afterwards restart the race again with everyone who is able to behave properly. This way the dirty scum who's only there for chaos do understand that they only impact themselves with their behaviour because they can't get into any lobby anymore where they are kicked from. Also every kick action needs to be logged, so CM can take the appropriate action to these people when they get kicked all the time. 
  PLUS Make it clear next to their name or something. Only the host needs to see it, and when someone enters who's been kicked several times for dirty driving, they can prevent the lobby from this kind of people. So when people are kicked, give hosts several reasons why they are kicked. 
  #makeonlinelobbiescleanagain   - Connections need to be filtered way better. If your connection to the lobby isn't stable enough, you won't be able to enter the lobby, and getting a message that your connection is too bad and it preventing people in the lobby from having a negative experience. This way you can prevent teleporting cars, unstable lobbies, framedrops, teleporting AI. - AI is not intelligent. People get taken out by AI in online lobbies. AI drives like dirty drivers, when they hit you, they don't back off, they keep on pressing the throttle until you spin. how many times i am beeing tboned by A"I"... - When people run lobbies only with themselves and the rest AI, people can't take over any AI driver. Hide these lobbies from the overview, because there's absolutely no use in showing them when people can't take control of an AI driver. - When running a lobby with F1 2019 cars, automatically set the max player count to 20 since there aren't 22 cars/spots available. Also when people leave these lobbies, when running multiple races, the cars/spots are beeing blocked from usage. This way people who join the lobbies can't select a team because someone who left holds an available spot even when not in the lobby. Perhaps I think of other things, but this is a start.
On a sidenote, IMO you'd better start focussing on the 2021 regulation changes and next gen consoles and put in all your effort there to make a better experience, because everyone already knows 2020 will be a copy paste of 2019 with new skins on the cars. It's already a JOKE that the DRS zones aren't even updated in the OFFICIAL licensed game, even when the season is already over. And don't get me started on the rest. Save yourself some emberassment and make 2020 a DLC for 2019, make improvements based on 2019 and what's beeing said on the forums and at least try to salvage something of the mess. In the meantime, start focussing on the new 2021 season, build from the ground up with what you learned from all the abominations you made the years before, and build something GOOD! With the quality of what you released in the previous years, people will perhaps accept a DLC version for 2020 more than having to pay full money. Plus it gives you more time and resources to actually work and focus on the problems, in stead of taking the whole ******** with you for again another year, and start all over again. Because that WILL happen when you release a 'new' copy paste version. Stop lying about years of development, when everyone can see how 2019 was a copy of 2017 with all the same problems and ********.  Start admitting your errors, take your loss this year by releasing a smaller DLC for less money, improve from there, and throw all your efforts in the new generation consoles with their power and possibilites. From there you can build on a clean slate.