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From wheel to controller and back again

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I've been playing rally and racing games with wheel since Win95, played Rally Championship in the beginning and then got Colin McRae Rally and so on. Started with an Thrustmaster Formula T2 (google it 🙂) and have then owned several Logitech, Thrustmasters and MS Sidewinder wheels, my last one was an Logitech G25, bought it directly when it came out and it was at the time ridiculously expensive. I still think that Colin McRae Rally 2 is one of the best rally games of all time, the amount of time that I have spent with it is huge and sometimes I miss owning and old computer to run these games.

But then came the time when I got tired of computer, and bought myself a console, first PS2 and then Xbox 360 and now Xbox One, I love the simplicity to just start the console and play a game without have to update 11 things and reboot the computer 13 times after that. I still play a lot of rally and racing games but used a controller instead.

Well, now I bought a wheel again, a Thrustmaster TX and tested it during the weekend and wow it was fun, pure joy to get that immerse feeling again. It was very very very hard and guess it will be for a while to get used to again, used controller for several years now and my muscle memory still wants to use that 🙂

Been searching for good wheel settings to use in Dirt Rally 2.0, I don't have time to change settings for individual cars and so, I want a general setting that works OK, i mostly use Group A and 2000cc cars...any suggestions? If someone have good settings for Asseto Corsa or WRC8 I happily take them too 🙂

And last, thanks Codemasters for superb feeling in Monte Carlo!!! It's one of my favourite locations in all rallygames but I haven't been playing it much in Dirt Rally 2.0 because of how the automatic gearbox can't handle the ice sections (it's always gearing up to the highest gear when wheel starts to spin and kill the engine), can't use manual gearbox with the controller cause it's so weird.

I don't have any goals of getting faster that I was with the controller (don't have so much time gaming as work, house and family with twins 1.5 years are taking a lot of time) as the thread the @PJTierney have but I will update in this thread with things I'm wondering of ore when aI update the wheel (will get the shifter and Sparco Wheel in the future).

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