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0 P.I. Event - Pure racing talent or the biggest wallet?

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I am really loud laughing when i read @ChrisGrovesMCM's note on blog regarding 0 P.I. Event:

"the 0 PI Challenge, which levels out the performance of every player’s car and creates a true test of pure racing talent. "

WHAT? Retries payed out with 4, 8 and 10 for each is a verification of racing talent ? Even the biggest racing talent cannot play equal with others because of poor performance. If you want to check who is the fastest then make 0PI and 0CR event! Now, paydrivers are still with huge advantage. What else? 4 events drains CR's, then next starting tomorrow, and then seasson pass again for $20? For what? For frustration, cheaters like FUCODEMASTERS, bots from hell and so on?

You are interested only with our wallets, not making the best mobile racing game. Official cars event was a really scrap, you pushing peoples for buying cars even if their aren't equal at all. Retry was cheap, that's only one good thing. But now ? Reward 60CR for 4 events, where retries are expensive? Are you blind or what?

Stop scamming about fair playing. community feedback etc. because you are completely deaf for what we want. And take criticism like a man, instead of deleting posts and banning on socials.

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Dear comrade Mattzd, you should create a communist party or something like that. There are a lot of people who will definitely support you on this forum. 

Power to the gamers, lands to the farmers!

Best regards

Your comrade Dmitry.


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Posted (edited)

Scam is the right word. Can’t even finish the Canadian event cos of the stupid no brake “bug”. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this started happening for events when they introduced pay to retry. 

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