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BUG REPORT | Advanced Damper settings are discarded.

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I spend a lot of time fine tuning my cars to find the perfect handling. I love the depth you gain with the advanced setup mode, and while everything else works nicely, the game always erases my Damper settings.
So for example: I set
Bump to 6,
Fast Bump to 4,
Rebound to 5
Fast Rebound to 5,
go back to validate the changes and return to the damper settings screen again then ->
Most of my damper settings are discarded with anything set to 6.

This isn't what it's supposed to be like, or is it?
I will test other cars later and give feedback whether they are affected by the same bug.
Could anyone else please verify if they encounter the same bug aswell?

Car tested: Peugeot 205 T16
Track: Any track
Setup: Any Setup
Custom and championship mode.
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