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I would like a refund.


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Good evening, I would like to request a refund. This is due to not being able to play the game due to constant CTD's and error 41's. I understand it is in early development, but I feel the game should be playable in its current state, after all, we are expected to give feedback and help with bugs. I cannot even do that. I can't get past a menu screen.

To be honest I have a bitter taste in my mouth with how codemasters has handled this. With the gravity of the error, I would have expected a more urgent response from developers. 

Do I obtain a refund via here or is there a number/email to contact? I paid with debit card on Friday 1st May.
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As understand you are allowed to claim a refund within 14 Days under Steams early access program.
But you would have had to agree to this during the buying process in fact you can not buy the game unless you agree to these terms.
You even have to tick a box first before you can go any further or is it different from country to another.
But still if you have not owned the game more than 14 days then you should be able to get a refund.
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