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Do you guys have any say in the recommended price for Autosport or is it up to any store to put their own price on it?
Over here in Australia the RRP is $120 which is a bit over the top i think but you save around $50 if you order online here

Unfortunately we can't control the price retailers charge at all. Yes we sell it to them a X price but if one shop decides they wanted to charge £90 the way the law is set up in the UK prevents us from being able to do anything about it. Same thing goes the other way, if a super market decides to do it for £20 we can't stop them either.

Only thing I can really suggest is to vote with your wallets, find the cheapest place that you trust to deliver on your pre-order and go with that.
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If you live in Australia and don't mind waiting a couple of weeks after release to play the game then I highly recommend ozgameshop.com. Black edition is only $64.99 on PS3/360!! http://www.ozgameshop.com/m/search/grid+autosport/sort-relevance
I have bought games from them before and all arrived in Australia after a week or so, would recommend them for sure. 

Your best bet is to buy it on PC if you have one capable of playing it, we get ripped off less online (i.e. Steam). You can also have a look around reputable code stores you can get it even cheaper again but I generally stick with buying through steam itself.
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