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[Improvement] Use averaged times from real players in career mode

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Rather than relying on pre-configured "AI" times to compete against, why not collate recorded stage times from actual players (using online event times as it works currently, though ideally recording stage times in any career event), the game picking a range of abilities and results from an online database matching your own current level as you progress in a championship and using those times as your competition.

It would likely need a bit of forethought with regards to filtering which results to choose from, it may be a case of just randomly picking a handful of past results from a handful of people that have raced in the same category, or it may be a case of taking average times from a larger section of recorded results and applying some of the same variance techniques currently being used by the AI as it stands; a bit of trail and error should find a good middle ground.

Either way, rather than feeling like you're trying to beat an alien AI, you'd know you're up against real, fallible people who make mistakes, but who also may be capable of driving considerably faster than you. This would also be a good way to keep the times balanced as the physics gets tweaked and new cars are added over time.

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