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{PS4} Clean Car option not working. (All modes)


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In the latest patch an option was added to clean and respray the cars you own. However while scratches are removed dirt is not removed. Ive tested this over 5 races with the same result everytime. Screenshots taken before and after the "Cleaning" 

Version: 2.03
Ps4: Pro



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Hey @Jay84, thanks for the info.

It's worth pointing out that most cars in the game never look pristine - there are some that will always look like they have dirt/scratches which are included as standard in the liveries. This was a design choice - implying these are real race cars, and aren't supposed to look factory-new.

Any new scratches/dirt you gather during races on top of that should be wiped clean after hitting the button. Scratches/dirt aren't removed when showing cars in the menus. Can you confirm whether the accumulated scratches/dirt are still present when you start on the grid? If that's the case, a video using the PS4's capture would be handy for the dev team to look at.


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