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[FIXED] Since patch 3.03, I'm unable to switch into fullscreen mode


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Game always start in windowed mode even though it's set to fullscreen in option menu. If I set it to fullscreen, settings are saved as long as I'm in-game , but if I quit and relaunch game, fullscreen automatically reset to off. ALT+Enter does nothing even if I hit key multiple times. I had problem before, but since the update, now I can't go into fullscreen mode at all. Taskbar always remain at bottom of the screen. It's really annoying!!!

Edit: Nevermind, it's fixed now. I've added -fullscreen command to game shortcut and killed some apps that were running in the background like nvidia control panel and teamviewer, and for some reasons... now it works fine; sorry. :| btw, game still launch in window mode.

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