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Patch Notes for 1.22 - Deep Dive & General Discussion

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I know only this version. i have buy it far 2 Weeks. but i must say so bugy version. all raceweekends 1-6 game crashes. last weekend heavy race with nice finish. after videos from win and so on in menue befor save. game crashes, very nice 50min race for nothing. all again but not same nice race.


or in training in spain, horror all traindays 1-2 game crashes. i have new installed complete pc and only this game installed but not better. sorry but when this game is so buggy i never buy 2020. all version so buggy???? all games so buggy by codemaster???

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Anyone else got the problem that the Telemetry doesn't show the "Live delta best lap" since patch 1.22?
I see it ingame on my steering wheel, but it does not work anymore with my Dashboard app "SIM Dashboard" for android.

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