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Track IR5 not an option?

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I have all the Codemaster series and cannot find an option to use Track IR5 in most of them. There is a Toby eye tracking option, but nothing that allows me to use Track IR5?? (Especially 2018 & 2019). Can anyone please advise me on how to remedy this. Secondly, and I hope this is allowed, my first few titles (2010-2012) are under the dreaded Games For Windows Live account system, and now I no longer have the e-mail address or password to access these titles. Is there a work around so that I can still use these titles AND save them in game, without using the now defunct GFWL???

ps I also own most of these titles on Steam as well as hard copy, and would really like to play 2010 again, AND SAVE IT as it's my personal favourite title? Many many thanks  - Mike McCabe aka AnfieldMarauder

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