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[PC][Graphics] Low object/building LOD especially on monuments


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Even on the highest PC settings the track-side objects, especially buildings and monuments are only rendered at the highest level of detail only when very close. For monuments that level doesn't actually show at all and they remain with low details

See the attached screenshots.

In screenshot 1 the monument and antenna dish aren't rendered at the highest detail level although we're very close to them.

Same in screenshot 2, we can see a low polygon count for the building in the background and the statue on the right isn't very detailed either.

In screenshot 3 that is the maximum level of detail that the Sagrada Familia cathedral is rendered at. That one can be seen from afar so it's quite jarring.

In screenshot 4 we can see the low poly count of the arch.

In screenshot 5 the closest elements from the monument are rendered at the lowest settings. The rest don't fare much better, but we can see multiple level of details there; Driving closer to them doesn't change this.

In screenshot 6, in Havana, again we see a generally low detail level for the building;

In screenshot 7 we see one of the pier buildings in San Francisco. There is a distinct line where the detail level changes. Again we're very close to the building so it should already be fully at the highest detail level.

In screenshot 8 there's another pier building and this is worse. The features and textures look poor and visible seams can even be noticed.

These are just a few examples. All of the tracks suffer from a poor level of detail and certain monuments are never rendered at a high level of detail. At least for the PC the graphics settings should be changed to allow users to have higher details farther away from the camera. The performance impact should be minimal but the visual one would be significant.

There is a way to apparently turn off the LOD completely by setting <lod_quality lodBias="0.0" crowdLodBias="0.00" /> in hardware_settings_config.xml but this doesn't touch the monuments. Also, even though the LODs are apparently fully disabled for most objects the performance impact isn't that big so I'm sure there's plenty middle-ground between what we have now in the game settings and this modification in the xml.

All screenshots were taken at a resolution of 1440p with everything maxed out, except AA, on a Win 10 machine with an nVidia 1080Ti.

On another note, but perhaps this would require a different thread, at the screenshot edges we also see the chromatic aberration effect which we cannot turn off. In Dirt Rally 2.0 that is possible so we'd like this option here as well as for many it only degrades the visual quality.

Barcelona 1.jpg








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Could we get an acknowledgement of this issue?

The screenshots say more than enough and I don't think that anyone who takes an honest look can claim that it's acceptable.

This is already known among players but there's still some resistance from Codemasters, hence this topic - https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/47076-addressing-graphicalvisual-discussions/.

We have one more DLC incoming, presumably at least one more patch. It's the perfect opportunity to tackle this and show the community that this game is still somewhat cared for and not set to be abandoned very soon.

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Thank you for answering and for amending that thread, adding more information. I do believe this community appreciates responses and being kept informed, even if not everything we read is that what we want to read. But such is life.

Reading between the lines I understand that in order to have the map assets render well in multiple weather and time of day scenarios they had to go through a process where not quite everything made it out 100% clear, hence some of the less than stellar results for some of the monuments.

Okay, but if you can, please do take an honest look at my screenshots and see if at least for the Sagrada Familia and the Venetian Towers monuments (screenshots 3 and 5 from my first post) the team is willing to take another look and make improvements. These monuments suffer the most and they are seen from far away while on the maps. I'm sure improving their quality would go a long way.

Same with my other thread about shadow rendering distance and quality for the vehicle shadow. Maybe the team is willing to give us a little bit more. Even a 20% increase in the rendering distance for the mentioned shadows would go a long way. If not, at least please fix the two aforementioned monuments.

So in summary while we understand that we shouldn't expect much more in this regard, please see if you can convince the team to at least make these 2-3 tweaks (2 monuments + shadow) that would go a long way.

Thanks and regards!

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