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[PC][Graphics] Low shadow rendering distance


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There are some issues with both the shadow quality as well as rendering distance from the camera.


See the following screenshots, taken at the highest shadow quality level for the PC:

In screenshot 1, the car's shadow doesn't have the same quality throughout. Observe that above the red line the shadow is fuzzier and below it clearer. If you pan the camera around you'll see that the shadow quality isn't related to how far the shadow is projected from the car, but rather just how close it is from the camera. Your own car's shadow should always have the highest quality enabled, there's no need for such a performance optimization.
In screenshots two and three we can see just how close non baked shadows start to render. The vertical red lines separates the shadow/no shadow areas.

Screenshot 4 has one of the most noticeable shadow rendering effects in game when viewed in motion. The whole highlighted area is fully shadowed only from close up.

In general full shadow details only come very close to the camera and for the PC at least the users should have the option to both increase the quality (for the car shadow) and render distance of shadows.




Shadow 3.jpg


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Could you please see if for this the team is willing to maybe push the shadow rendering distance at the highest option level a bit? Maybe give us an extra 20% distance (30+ would be great). That should alleviate the problem sufficiently and perhaps wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Thanks. Any reply would be appreciated even if it's just a "No, sorry we cannot do it. Many apologies, we'll make it up to you via the next 3 awesome Grid games that we plan on launching though 2029 with ultra realistic graphics and physics, 50+ cars, 30+ tracks and much much more!" :).


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Sadly, it's not as simple as adjusting a slider - if it was, we would have done it! 

You won't like the response I'm going to give but it's practically what you've already assumed. GRID's not 'dead' and with each patch/update we make slight tweaks and improvements to the visuals. That being said, it's unlikely we're going to change too much in GRID 2019 when it comes to rendering distances as described here. We're always collating feedback and looking to improve with each title we produce so threads like this (and your other one) are super-important when it comes to shaping future titles and how they are presented. That doesn't necessarily mean that requested features will be in our later games, but "if you don't ask..."

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Thanks for replying. Please do check-out my other thread if you haven't already. I made a new post there as well.

As for your reply, I indeed don't like the fact that GRID 2019 is only going to receive small tweaks from here on end, but it's good to know that feedback would at least go towards future titles.

I actually bought GRID due to Dirt Rally 1 and 2.0 and even though I did hear about complaints from the community I though Codemasters' reputation was good enough to warrant a buy. I don't regret it, I did get it on discount and I consider the discounted price fair. I think it's a good game though, definitely fun but could have been more.

Maybe the budget wasn't there, maybe the team got pulled on other projects, maybe some of the tech used is licensed and is difficult to get support from ...we don't know the business and technical details. We can all hope that for future games some lessons learned with GRID 2019 will be applied. Because video-games do work on feedback and in today's highly connected world companies who listen to feedback and deliver what people want to play remain in business and enjoy good profits.

Companies who pull too many subpar efforts in a row though -well they do suffer.

With that I do wish you all the best and may the few remaining tweaks for GRID 2019 be able to make a good positive impact.

PS: Should there be any "unofficial" tweaks that we players could make in a particular config file for instance to alleviate some of our concerns would you be willing to share? Without warranty or guarantees of success, of course, but just as a simple advice to help us bring out the most in GRID 2019.

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