Shortly after the release of the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack we'll be running another long season in the official DiRT Rally 2.0 Clubs, and this time you get to vote on what we drive 🙂    If you've not played in Clubs before, they're essentially custom Rally Championships that can be played across all platforms. The 2 official clubs are the biggest ones around with a few thousand members in each, and are a great place to test your skills.   For the previous Club Championship season we had a 6 month long Championship that largely followed the real-world schedule, starting in Monte Carlo, then Sweden and so-on. This time out we'll do the same, and you get to vote on what cars and Locations we use 🙂    Hit the poll above cast your vote, the rallying begins at the end of March 🙂    Official DiRT:   Expert DiRT:    Quick note on the polls. These are primarily to gauge opinion. The final call on what Classes/Locations we use still stands with me, though I am more likely to build the Championships based on what gets voted 🙂