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RWB International Dirt Rally 2 PC

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Hi Guys, been a while but RWB are currently running a Friday Night fun night on Dirt Rally 2, if you fancy joining up then jump on the Discord with over 550 members.

RWB stands for "Racers Without Borders" and was founded in 2007 by a bunch of mates who just loved racing. RWB International is a UK based club with our own dedicated server hardware. Over the past few years we have spread and grown and now have members from all over the world.


We run regular club races and leagues, but also join up with other clubs too, both for special one-off events and full leagues. We race all the current sims and can be found racing most evenings (GMT) in one form or another, with more organised events as per below:

Monday - Open night

Tuesday - A floater night to try out different events. Might be a one-off or a short 4 week league

Wednesday - Open night

Thursday - The RWB Mini League - a special single night standalone format.

Friday - Open night

Saturday - Our main league racing night

Sunday - Sunday Fun Day - Open night

See you on track.

Web Portal https://www.rwbracing.club/

Discord https://discord.gg/b7g9wGf


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