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Grid 2019 in-game achievments incorrect !

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Posted (edited)

Hello Codemasters,

I've tried to gain all in-game achievments of Grid 2019 but 2 ( shown in the screenshots ) are not working.

1) Overtaking III ( Overtake 2500 cars )

I have overtaken 3719 cars and still no unlocking the in-game achievment.

2) Two wheels for 5 min

" Two wheels for 10sek " & " Two wheels for 60sek " unlocked properly but " two wheels for 5min " haven't unlocked so far and I have easily reached 5min. According to statistic I've raced a distance of 9,25Km and that's way more than 5min .....

Please Codemasters have a look into it and bring on a fix in order to unlock the last 2 in-game achievments properly.

System: Playstation4 Pro

Thank you with best regards




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Hey, @Nr1Cobra thank you so much for this detailed post. 

I'm sorry that this is happening! Clearly, it looks like you should have unlocked these objectives by now. I'll report this with the relevant team and get back to you accordingly. 

(I've moved this topic to 'Technical Assistance')

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Hey, @nr1116.

The QA team has done some investigating around this and I have some news for you.

- The 'Overtaking III' objective is correct, however the stats screen isn't. The stats screen adds up lots of different things relating to overtakes including overtakes, slingshots, and drafting. This is why the number is higher. We're going to be changing the Objective name to note the specific type of overtake required (actually passing a car).

- The 'time on two wheels' objective is wrong on the objective, instead of the stats screen. We're going to change the stats to show 'time spent on two wheels' instead of 'distance' as it's confusing. Whilst it may seem like 9.25km would equate to five minutes, that's not necessarily the case.

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