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Colin Mcrae rally 2 was the best rally car game of all time

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If there was even the slightest of chance you legends ever decided to remaster a game. I'd buy that in a heart beat, hopefully it would still have those hilarious codes you could unlock, like moon gravity or 4 x the horsepower or having a car made of rubber like a bouncy ball. I think it would be a real classy way to remember and honor a true entertainer when ever he was behind the wheel of a rally car. As you can already tell I'm a massive fan of colin, growing up in new Zealand I had the pleasure of watching him drive through our farms fence at one place and then back through it again to get back on the road without batting an eye, he came back to apologize to my parents a few days later, I was absolutely thrilled and dumbstruck at the same time. Being 11 at the I think I smiled and drooled, I couldn't even muster a hello. But I stand by my words that colin Mcrae 2 is the best rally car game ever made all things consideredvidmate mobdro word counter

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Don"t hold your breath, you will be lucky to get a reply let alone McCrae back


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Dirt Rally 2.0 was the closest thing to a CMR 2.0 Remaster. 


-Lots of Countries:

  - CMR had 8 countries x 10 Stages and 8x Arcade Circuit tracks. 

  - Dirt 2.0 has 13 countries x 12 Stages, and way to many RallyX no one cares about. 

-Best sim physics, and the only Rally game with terrain deformation. 


So in a sense it is, its top of the line, flagship rally game. 

To bad for the foggy graphics though. 


Not to mention the cars, Dirt 2.0 is the most expensive Codemasters rally game period. 


The next one is probably going to be a Half arcady Dirt 5, ill pass. 

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