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My youtube channel (Hope you're okay with me posting this here)

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Hey I'm kinda new to this forum and I actually don't know if it's okay for you guys that I post this here.
I've started a channel on Youtube where I plan to upload my best runs on different stages, I even managed to be 1st place on one track in 2 different carclasses (I uploaded these two already).
I don't know, if you are interest here's my channel:
And the two runs:
(Route de Turini Descente, Group B )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26v0tqM_Fgg (Same track, Group A)
I'd be very happy (really, I'd be actually glad) if you gave it a try and maybe comment my videos.
If you don't like these kinds of message just ignore this one please.
Have a nice day D:smiley: 

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