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Missing Wipers on (most) World Time Attack Cars

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In a reply to a tweet by the the official GRID Twitter account about windshield wipers, I showed the following clip: https://streamable.com/6esqj (no sound). I would've attached the video file but I can't be bothered to resize it to 48.83 MB, sorry.

In the clip, I'm driving a World Time Attack car. If I remember correctly, it's the MCA Hammerhead Nissan Silvia (S13). The problem (besides me struggling on a wet track in a RWD time attack car) is that I can't really see much because of the rain. A better driver might not have this problem but that's beside the point. I could just drive this car in the dry, but this is a career event (One of the Season 2 events, I believe.), so I can't change the weather.

At first I wondered why the windshield wiper wasn't working, which prompted me to record this gameplay clip. I thought it was a bug at first, but the black line in the middle of the windshield isn't actually a windshield wiper. Turns out, all World Time Attack cars, except for the Audi R8 1:1, don't have windshield wipers, putting all players in this discipline who aren't driving the Audi at a disadvantage during races in this type of weather. I've checked and the wiper works properly on the Audi.

The way I see it, there are two solutions to this problem. Remove the windshield wiper from the Audi R8 1:1 to create a level playing field for players (I don't think the AI cares?) or add windshield wipers to the Honda, Mitsubishi, and the Nissans. It might be worth checking if cars from other categories are also missing windshield wipers - though I don't remember running into this issue before I tried to complete this event.

  • Platform: PC, Windows 10, Steam
  • Game Version:
  • Game Mode: Single player (career mode & free play)
  • Tested on Sydney Motorsport Park, day, rain
  • Probably irrelevant, but I'm using a Xbox One style game pad (Razer Wolverine Ultimate)


I don't know if this issue has arisen because (most of) the real-world counterparts of these cars simply don't have windshield wipers and aren't really run in rainy conditions, but I was asked to post about it so here you go. Thanks for your time.

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Added "no sound" tag.

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Hey @cyruz1 - Welcome back to the Codemasters Forums. 

I really appreciate you taking the time to add the detail you have hereafter your post on Twitter. It looks like everything you've said here is correct (in relation to the cars and those with/without windscreen wipers) - I didn't know that myself!

I'll pass on these details to the relevant team and get back to you. My initial thought is that because we have to design the cars to the manufacturer's correct specifications, having wipers on one car and not the other is intentional and unavoidable - I'll get some clarification though. Thanks again!

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Thanks @CMTGK! It's true, I don't come here often, haha. I suppose it's a good thing!

Anyways, regarding the cars, I more or less figured that this might be the case. If nothing can be done to the cars and the dev team don't want to adjust the weather for the World Time Attack events, maybe some sort of subtle weather indicator for each location could be added to the event thumbnail that shows up prior to starting an event? If I can see that the third out of three events takes place in the rain, maybe I won't choose to run an RWD car with few assists on the hardest difficulty.

It might be a lot to ask, but something like this could go a long way. Unfortunately, I feel that the game often tells you very little about/during the events. There is no standings screen before a race, for instance. There is one after and the starting order scrolls through the loading screen, but e.g. if you're continuing an event rather than doing it all in one go, you won't remember the standings from last time, and my game loads fast enough that the loading screen doesn't even get through the first five cars on the grid before the race is loaded. I'm pretty sure most racing games let you peruse the standings before the race - but this is a separate issue. My point is that this weather issue feels like another bit of info I don't see until I'm faced with it.

I could take it all less seriously or not worry about it by lowering the difficulty but I shouldn't have to do that.

This is just to try and explain where I'm coming from. It might not even be that big of a deal to most players, but with Codies' racing history, things like stage details, event standings, and so on are usually on point.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Maybe I'm overthinking all of this. Thanks for passing on the information. I hope it helps a little bit. I'll check back later. Until then, I hope you'll have a great week!

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Hey @cyruz1 - So the news is as expected. The reason that the wipers are on the Audi and no others is that you guessed it, it's the only car that has wipers in reality.

It was something that was discussed at the time (in fact, a bug was reported by those unaware that some cars didn't have wipers) but it was intentional. Because of our strict guidelines when it comes to having the cars mimic their real-life counterparts, we had to leave the wipers on the Audi and not include them for the other cars - therefore, it's not something we can alter either. In times where you want to race in the wet and use those specific time-attack cars, there's only one solution and it's the obvious one that I won't even need to mention. 

The weather doesn't change during the race, so you won't have to worry about switching between views too frequently. You can always change your camera angle before the race starts in multiplayer when your car is on the grid - handy if you know you are going to struggle with the conditions based on the cockpit view. You should also be able to view all the event details by hitting the 'pause' button whilst in Skirmish, allowing you to prepare for such eventualities.

I hope you can still enjoy your time in GRID! 😉

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If that is intentional then you shouldn't make us race that class in the rain in career mode as it would never happen in reality.

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